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Integrated Applications

Case examples of integrated manufacturing solutions for various industries


Dec provides various sampling devices from the vacuum type MPTS to a mechanical system to take samples inline directly from equipment such as dryers, mixers or from a pack-off line.

The selection of the sampling technology will be dictated from the type and conditions of the process to be sampled, the level of containment to be achieved as well as economical aspects.

The sampling procedure with MPTS is simplified, whether inline directly out of the process, from equipment with poor access, or, where personnel are not admitted for safety reasons.

Samples are extracted and transferred to its final destination, whilst maintaining full containment, remaining homogeneous and representative as  taken in dense flow, without using any mechanical device which could result in powder attrition.


Completely air tight, the system is particularly well suited for operation with toxic, radioactive or explosive powders.

Realized projects


Inline and sterile sampling

DCS Sampling

Incoming materials sampling

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