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Filling Lines & Packaging

Comprehensive solutions from primary to secondary packaging

Dec’s ability to provide end-to-end solutions from API manufacturing to primary packaging filling covers the complete range from R&D processes and small batches to large filling campaigns.

Our solutions include state of the art robotics for the filling and handling of complex delivery systems like pre-filled syringes (PFS).


As a single source provider for applications "from the reactor into the syringe", Dec offers a holistic approach to engineer comprehensive solutions for various fields such as small molecules, biologics, cell/gene therapies and other ingredients in the rapidly growing field of  advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP).  

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Powder - Liquids - Miscellaneous - Continuous Process


Box Packing - Palletizing - Serialization


Automated De-Nester.png

Aseptic/Contained Process - Semi-/ Fully Automated Lines - R&D - Lyophilization Loading Equipment


Pre-filled Syringes (PFS) - Cartridges - Soft Packaging


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