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Food Processing

Innovative technologies in line with

current regulations

Powder handling is a very important part in a large number of applications in the food processing industry.

Whether it's charging powder into vessels for sauce production, handling sugar or additives for sweets, blending various powders for producing instant chocolate, or spices for potato chips, powders in various shapes and with different characteristics must be handled under controlled conditions without altering their properties.

State-of-the-art facilities should be designed in the most flexible manner to be able to adapt to customers' constant evolving needs with better product traceability and segregation in order to guarantee a fully compliant operation.

For decades Dec has supplied innovative technologies well suited for the food industry from the raw material handling, milling, blending to final packaging guaranteeing the handling of intermediate and final products under safe conditions without product characteristic changes and according to latest food processing regulations.

Powder Handling

Transferring - Sampling - Bulk Materials Handling - Dosing/Dispensing -   Containment Systems - Integrated Applications

PTS Powder Transfer System®

Dense phase powder conveying

High safety & enhanced efficiency

PTS Batchmixer®

R&D applications - Production scale - Sterile process

Continuous Liner System

Automated packing and dosing solutions

Universal Milling System

High performance milling 

UMS DecMill - Universal Milling Solution

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