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Dosing powder and liquids in the

mg range

Dec now offers a much anticipated solution in the high accuracy dosing of small quantities of powder. This new technology can be implemented in filling lines or continuous processes for various industries.


From pharmaceutical applications for filling vials, syringes, blisters or inhalers to other industries for continuously charging  a process such as a reactor or a manufacturing line, Dec has developed a large range of solutions suitable for handling toxic and/or sterile products and offering comprehensive integrated solutions including containment systems for safe process enclosures. 


                        Dual packaging                                                               Capsule                                                       Vial / Syringe

Dec's microdosing technology permits to accurately dose variable quantities of powder from one mg to 100+ grams.

This technology is extremely versatile and accommodates different powders, i.e. allowing changes in powder characteristics from one product to another.


As the system uses high vacuum to convey the product, the powder can be pre-compacted in the dosing chamber allowing for high accuracy and dust free filling of the packagings.


µPTS - flexPTS - sPTS

Filling Line

Automated filling of solids and liquids for various packagings

Microdosing continuous dosing.jpg

Continuous powder introduction into processes


Dosing / Dispensing

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