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Drum Emptying

Comprehensive solutions from discharging drums under controlled atmosphere to high containment systems

Discover Dec's solutions for emptying drums of various sizes adapted to the required containment levels depending on material potency.

A wide range of accessories has been designed to respond to the many requirements related to more specific handling and difficult materials.  

Drum Sealing Cover

Drum discharge under controlled atmosphere

DCS Inverter

High containment drum tipping version

Drum tipper.jpg

Drum tipper - Integrated scale - Lump breaker suction lance - Crusher - Pulley system

Drum Venting Cover

Drum discharge with local extraction up to OEB 3

Isotube drum emptying

High containment charging of drummed powder in a clean air environment

DCS Emptying System

High containment solution for discharging drums

Isocharge drum version

High containment rapid powder charging with room air


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