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Integrated Applications

Case examples of integrated manufacturing solutions for various industries


Mixing powders is a common requirement for many industries which can quickly become very complex depending on the powder characteristics and the process requisites.
Dec's PTS Batchmixer® technology can meet the most stringest requirements. As the mixing unit includes a self charging system and does not include any moving or rotating parts, it can be easily integrated in a production line and be the interface between the various operation steps.

The process is therefore completely sealed and due to its high GMP and cleanability design, it can be used to handle highly potent and/or sterile products.

PTS Batchmixer® has been used for various applications from the production of battery ingredients, car manufacturing components and blending micronized powders to the mixing of pharmaceutical powders assigned for direct compression in OSD manufacturing.

Due to its unique design, the system is often used in sterile facilities for various processes from dryer discharge, milling, blending to the final packing of the products.

The common denominator of these various processes is to supply a fully integrated solution from the dispensing of the various materials to the mixing and charging of the final process equipment without operator exposure or contamination of the products.

Such solutions have been able to decrease the overall plant footprint by eliminating additional floors and increase the plant productivity by decreasing the manpower requirement and quicker product changes.

Realized projects

PTS Batchmixer

New mixing technology without rotating or moving parts

Inline Sampling

Representative samples out of the process

Case 147_2.jpg

New mixing technology without rotating or moving parts

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