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Powder handling is one of the most frequent operations in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. During production it is vital to be able to transfer powder from any kind of receptacle to a range of receivers, and to dispense, mill, mix, stock and contain bulk powders.

These varying processes demand widely different handling methods using easily integrated, flexible process equipment that will enhance productivity. Dec has dedicated decades to master these requirements including safety, easy cleaning and high containment resulting in equipment fully complying with the latest safety standards (REACH, cGMP, etc.).


Powder handling systems which conform to today’s technology standards should be designed as multi-purpose facilities in order to quickly respond to market demands. The production units must allow fast process changes by using mobile and modular technologies.


Due to our extensive knowhow and expertise, Dec takes a

much broader approach when examining customer requirements, allowing to provide the best suited engineered solutions integrating all legal aspects as well as productivity requirements. Dec provides the following support and services during the complete project life cycle:

  • Tailor-made project management / customized systems (core of the containment business)

  • Process design: the entire production process including processing, cleaning, maintenance, controls and validation

  • Plant safety assessment

  • Third parties equipment integration

  • Electrical, control systems: comprehensive range of control systems to suit customers’ individual project requirements. From simple control systems to fully automated PLC or PC systems for the entire process

  • Validation package: full validation package to FDA standards on PLC or computer driven systems, which comply with GAMP and ISO9000 standards

  • Aftersales services

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