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Explosive Powders

Keep your process safe

The handling of explosive, pyrophoric or shock sensitive powders is a real challenge for various industries. This is due to the risks of explosion as oxygen or moisture in contact with the components can rapidly lead to ignition.

From the handling of red phosphor and zirconium in the explosives industry, palladium and Rainey nickel catalysts in the chemical industry to the handling of nitrocellulose in  adhesives manufacturing,  Dec has provided safe and efficient systems to transfer and mix such hazardous materials.


The handling of explosive powders is made possible by using our innovative PTS Powder Transfer System® technology. This system conveys powders safely, as it does not include any moving or rotating parts and transfers powder at a very low velocity and at high concentrations, therefore preventing any friction or creation of electrostatics. PTS enables to transfer powder with an MIE < 1 mJ, without nitrogen. The system is furthermore pressure resistant and can contain a dust explosion.

​In addition to material conveying, PTS Batchmixer®, based on the same technology, safely mixes explosive powders.

Powder Handling

Transferring - Sampling - Bulk Materials Handling - Containment Systems - Integrated Applications

PTS Powder Transfer System®

Dense phase conveying

Higher safety & enhanced performance

PTS Batchmixer®

Innovative blending technology without rotating or moving parts

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