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Isolator Technology

Flexible canopy systems

Dec has designed a wide range of versatile and low cost flexible containment solutions such as disposable glove bags, complete flexible enclosures and semi-rigid isolators suitable for many operations whether it be formulation plants including dispensing and granulation or around tablet pressing machines for both R&D and production facilities.



Dec's process integratable flexible range can be used in both toxic and sterile processes. Although not as robust as solid wall systems, they provide an alternative solution to many of today’s problems including cleaning and fast product changes.


They are very adaptable and supplied as complete systems with all the nessecary access points including glove ports or half suits which are welded into the construction.


It is the perfect solution when time is a critical factor. These systems come fully supported by a simple adaptive framework. 

Dec's disposable glove bags perfectly compliment the range of flexible isolators.

Flexible systems have been marketed in relation with many operations, e.g. big bag handling, vessel charging and complimentary R&D systems.


When single use is the right option, disposable glove bag systems are the perfect interface for various requirements from taking samples, docking big bags or changing the PTS filter membranes in a safe way. They can be configured as standard or tailor made systems for individual process applications. Main advantages include low cost, adaptability and operation safety.

DCS Sampling Flexible Canopy

Flexible sampling solution for incoming materials

Product Sheet

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