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Integrated Applications

Case examples of integrated manufacturing solutions for various industries

Liquids Handling

Charging liquids which are toxic, highly flammable or with strong odors from drums into a reactor is a complex operation.
Typically, the drum will be placed in a drum booth with strong extraction connected to a scrubber.
Ventilation is usually quite strong and when the liquids react to oxygen or humidity, the system should be run under nitrogen which can be very costly.
Ergonomics is also an important issue as the operator has to work through gloves to open the drum and needs to clean the drum before removing it from the booth.

DCS® Liquid was specifically developed for toxic and corrosive liquids, achieving containment levels of < 1 ppb. The safe and contained emptying and filling of drums is thus made possible without additional precautions such as full protective clothing or large laminar airflow booths.

The system can be connected to a standard liquid pump (i.e. diaphragm pump) or the liquid can be drawn by the vacuum of the vessel. When operated under nitrogen, it guarantees a fully inert and dry atmosphere but the amount of gas is limited due to the compact design of the DCS®.

DCS® Liquid can be installed on load cells and be equipped with dosing valves allowing accurate weighing and dosing of the liquid.
The system is very simple to operate and can be used as a mobile version.
There is no risk to contaminate the drum during the operation which does not require further cleaning as it is not introduced in the containment enclosure.

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Filling and discharging drums with sensitive liquids

Realized projects

Press Article, Chemical Engineering World

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