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Isolator Technology

Micronizing / Milling

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Over many years, Dec has acquired recognized expertise in designing and supplying an extensive range of isolators enclosing a mill or a MC DecJet® spiral jet mill for either individual or combined operation.

The patented 4th generation MC DecJet® isolators provide full containment of highly active and/or sterile compounds thus offering both operator and product protection. The MC DecJet® micronizing and containment range (from MC DecJet® 30 to MC DecJet® 400) is the perfect union of years of experience as user and provider of micronizing and containment technologies.


The attained experience has enabled us to fully understand critical process safety aspects and the mutual influence the environmental control and the micronizing process have on each other.

Isolators can be designed either as flexible, semi-rigid or rigid wall systems,  fully modular allowing for  the

integration of a Co-mill for pre-milling the materials or interchangeability between various MC DecJet® sizes or different types of mills such as an universal mill.




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Overview Isolators

Partice Size Reduction

Micronization - Milling - Sieving

Aseptic Manufacturing

Aseptic manufacturing and handling solutions

Integrated Applications

Case examples of integrated manufacturing solutions for various industries

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