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Innovative manufacturing solutions

Agrochemical industries widely involve fertilizers and pesticide manufacturing for plant and soil protection as well as yield improvement. The world demand is constantly increasing while regulations are getting stricter, pushing for better manufacturing practices and health control.


The EU regulation REACH is a clear drive for the industry to improve its manufacturing operations often involving the handling of large quantities of toxic materials. Dec equipment is involved in major operational steps in agrochemical manufacturing from chemical production to granulation and the final formulation of the products.

Big Bag Discharge System

Big Bag Filling and Discharging Stations - Docking Systems - Accessories

PTS Reactor Charging.jpg

Dense phase powder conveying

Safety & Efficiency

PTS Batchmxer®

Innovative mixing technology without rotating or moving parts

MC DecJet® 100

Milling and Micronization Technologies -  UMS DecMill - MC DecJet® Series


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