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Blending / Mixing

Revolutionary mixing technology for homogeneous blends offering flexibility to swiftly mix powders with different characteristics

Mixing powder is a complex process and the distribution efficiency will strongly depend on the physical characteristics of the products.


Depending on the cohesiveness of the materials, the differences in bulk density and particles size, the selection of an appropriate mixer with a satisfying balance between mixing rate and segregation might be a huge challenge.

Mixing principles are mostly classified into three mechanisms:

  • Diffusive mixing, which occurs when particles roll down a sloping surface

  • Shear mixing, which occurs when slip zones are established in a powder

  • Convective mixing, which occurs when circulation patterns are set up inside a bulk powder mass

Dec has developed a groundbreaking technology to mix powders in a fully contained way without using any rotating or moving parts. By including the three above-mentioned mixing mechanisms, the mixing efficiency is above average to high.

PTS Batchmixer® based on PTS technology, has been undergoing a 2-years research study at a Swiss University delivering very promising results and providing a machine that is easily integrable into production plants performing either highly toxic or sterile operations.

PTS Batchmixer®

New mixing technology without rotating or moving parts

Batchmixer on trolley with MPTS Sampling

CIP - SIP - Weighing - High shear propeller - Sampling - Small

addition - PAT

PTS Batchmixer®

PTS Batchmixer® for laboratory and small scale operations

PTS Batchmixer®

Aseptic blending solutions


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