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Bulk Materials Handling

Filling & discharging powders

from mg to tons

OEB 1 - OEB 6

Dec provides various bulk materials handling systems meeting the many customer requirements. 

When it comes to filling and discharging any type of container, Dec offers various solutions for bags, drums and big bags conforming to the required containment levels from OEB 1 to OEB 6.


Our modular design systems are perfectly adapted to product characteristics.


Whether you handle agglomerated, toxic, hygroscopic, wet, inflammable or any other hard to handle products, Dec proposes the best suited system to overcome bulk materials challenges. 

Big Bag Discharge

Big bag filling and discharging stations - Docking systems - Accessories


Filling and emptying systems - Sack cabinet  - Continuous Liner System - DCS® and other drum containment systems

IBC Filling

Container filling and discharge stations - Accessories

DEC_DCS Liquid.jpg

Safe handling of toxic and corrosive liquids - Filling and emptying drums

DEC Isocharge

High containment handling systems  Rigid and flexible wall isolators - Iso range - DCS®

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