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Dosing / Dispensing

Accurate dosing solutions for filling and discharging applications

From mg to tons

From dosing powders into reactors in API facilities, through dispensing powder into IBCs in OSD manufacturing plants to final packaging into liners or vials, Dec has developed a wide range of solutions for filling or emptying applications be it for batch or continuous operation. 

There are different ways of dosing depending on the quantity and the accuracy to be achieved:


  • Volumetric

  • Gravimetric

  • Gravimetric-volumetric


Volumetric filling will involve the use of a pre-calibrated chamber of fixed or variable volume, which can be filled under vacuum and emptied either by pressure or mechanically. Our volumetric systems work on the principle of the PTS Powder Transfer System® or the µPTS for very small quantities. By carrying out successive filling and emptying cycles, it is possible to fill a container with a predetermined amount of powder. The vacuum effect in the chamber allows to achieve high accuracy of 2% RSD on small dosing volumes.  


Gravimetric Dosing will involve the use of a scale controlling the dosing organ. Filling can be accomplished either by  gravity when sufficient height is available, in a remote place in case of lacking head room below the equipment or when several process equipment are to be emptied through a single filling station. In these cases the powder will be transferred by PTS Powder Transfer System®  and accurately dispensed by combining PTS with the DosiValve® system.


Gravimetric-Volumetric dosing is mostly used to achieve very accurate filling for small quantities, where scale systems are become a limited option. Rapid dosing can be realized under gravity but the final adjustment is done volumetrically by using a small calibrated chamber. (see Microdosing)


Big Bag Discharge Station

Dosing by subtraction from drums and big bags


Dosing devices - Filling line - Continuous dosing

DCS filling station

Drum and big bag filling systems 

Vent Filter

DosiValve® - AidFlow - Fluidization cone - Vent filter


Continuous transferring

Continuous conveying and dosing with PFL Powderflex


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