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Integrated Applications

Case examples of integrated manufacturing solutions for various industries


One of the typical steps in pharmaceutical manufacturing is to accurately dispense various components before blending them together.
The various powders may come in different packagings with various levels of toxicity and must be dispensed in a controlled environment excluding any exposure risks of the operator.
Such activities are still too often carried out in an open manner inside a Laminar Flow booth with issues for the operator due to strenuous manual handling, dust exposure and risks of cross contamination or inside an isolator when handling highly potent APIs with limitations as to the amount of powder which can be handled. 

Powder will be dispensed either into bags for further processing or directly into an IBC when the amount of powder is larger. The IBC can be charged either by gravity from an upper level or by using PTS Powder Transfer System® offering the advantage to transfer the powder from different sources eliminating the need of a second floor, operating platform or drum lifting/tilting column.
The IBC can be directly filled out of drums or other packagings by using the PTS system which is directly connected to the top of the IBC. It is also possible to change the packaging of the excipient from drums/bags to FIBCs reducing the handling requirements by directly dosing the correct amount out of the big bag.
The IBC can be installed on a floor scale for checking the final weight and the PTS can either be fixed or installed on a lifting column to connect it to a various sized IBC or for the maintenance of the system. By integrating a sieve or a mill in-line, the powder can be directly sieved or milled during the filling of the IBC removing the need of a separate area to carry out this activity.

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