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High containment process charging method for drums and bags

Isocharge is best described as a hybrid design, crossing laminar flow technology with a glove box isolator. It provides the operator with the protection of a gloved visor and the flexibility of an open laminar flow booth providing a high containment solution for rapidly dispensing and charging powders into any process. The system is designed to feed powder from bags or drums into process equipment whilst managing all contamination risks for both operators and the environment.

One of the most common problems is how to safely charge a large number of powder bags which, in the past and even today, have been poured into vessels through the manway – a potentially fatal operation.


One of the standard solutions is to use a charging isolator equipped with an airlock system with two interlocked doors.


Major issues with such a solution are poor ergonomics during the handling of the heavy bags, slow operation and the difficulties to achieve high containment.


In order to answer to above issues, Isocharge has been developed not only to allow the fast charging of the

bags but also to resolve all of the above issues. The system consist of a stainless steel chamber wh...

bags but also to resolve all of the above issues. The system consist of a stainless steel chamber which is open on one side, enabling easy loading of bagged powder. This principal feature allows powder to be loaded into the chamber and safely charged while keeping the door open.
A containment level of 1 µg/m3 is achieved, and has been proven in this open condition through the unique design of the main chamber.
The operator opens the bags inside the chamber. The product enters into the suction hopper from where it is transferred into the vessels. Optimized air flow control and filtration allow one-way air circulation when the bags are loaded into the chamber and clean air to leave the same. In order to achieve even lower containment levels of less than 0.1 µg/m3 a closed version of the Isocharge has been developed.

Bag emptying Isocharge

Bag handling version


Isocharge Drum Version

Drum handling version

Isocharge Drum tipper

Drum Tipper - Integrated scale - Pulley system with clutch

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