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Integrated Applications

Case examples of integrated manufacturing solutions for various industries

Aseptic Manufacturing

Charging powders  under aseptic conditions is a common task in numerous pharmaceutical operations. From IV solutions production to buffer tank preparation in the Biopharma area, powder must be charged under controlled conditions.
Manual charging of powders through an open manhole is no longer acceptable from a regulatory point of view. Product contamination risks are too high. Such operations usually require to charge large quantities of powder typically packed in 25 kg bags. The high number of bags to be handled becomes quickly hard to manage for the operator considering that, additionally, the bags must be often cleaned manually, sampled and dispensed.

Dec has developed simple and efficient solutions to feed vessels with various powders from a number of packagings under aseptic conditions while decreasing manpower requirements and increasing plant productivity. The vessels are charged by using PTS Powder Transfer System® which is installed on the equipment allowing to charge powder even under warm conditions in the presence of vapor.

Powder can be directly transferred and dispensed from big bags or silos instead of bags thus decreasing handling requirements. 


When using a GMP high containment docking system, the big bag station can be located outside the clean room. The complete charging system can be cleaned in place and be sanitized with 90° water or sterilized with steam.

Realized projects

Chemical Reactor Charging

Dense phase conveying

Higher safety & enhanced efficiency

Bulk Handling

Big bag discharging and filling stations - Drum and bag handling -  Continuous Liner System


Batchmixer SIP Version

Without internal parts or inaccessible areas allowing the system to be sterilized

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