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Isolator Technology

Dispensing / Sampling Isolators

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Dec provide custom designed isolators for dispensing and/or sampling from various containers such as bags and drums into intermediate packagings or for direct charging into process equipment. These systems offer high containment and a controlled environment offering fast cleaning and drying features allowing for swift product changes.


Depending on the type of incoming packaging, the systems can be equipped with an airlock, a Rapid Transfer Port (RTP) or a drum docking system for material entry.


Dispensing and/or sampling isolators can be equipped with multi-scale systems including data acquisition and possible connection to an MES system for recipes management.


Other equipment such a sieves or mills can be integrated depending on the process requirements.

The isolators can be either equipped with a lower chamber for drum or liner charging, a split or SafeDock Valve for charging into an intermediate receiver or a hopper for powder conveying by PTS Powder Transfer System®  to actively charge a reactor, an IBC or a blender.

In addition to dispensing and sampling isolators, Dec has developed a unique range of contained sampling enclosures – DCS® Sampling, rigid or flexible, making the need to use a complex and large sampling isolator obsolete in some cases. 


Safe powder Conveying - Reactor charging

DCS Sampling

Incoming material sampling out of drums


High containment process charging method for drums and bags





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