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Process Analytical Technology

Traceability, quality control and product validation

PAT contributes to a greater understanding of the process by measuring critical quality attributes. At Dec, we mainly use process analytical technology in combination with PTS Batchmixer® for blending powders or in the field of microdosing.

Blending / Mixing

PAT can be used to validate the mixing efficiency in line by  means of a real-time SWIR spectrophotometer which is installed in the circulation line.


The technology is not intrusive without disturbing the powder circulation or adding cleaning issues. 


Chemometric predictive models must be developed in order to accurately determine compositions and the endpoint of the blending process.

Batchmixer PAT

Microdosing - Powder Inline Sensor

Inline weight measurement is a major asset when the integration or the response time of a scale is an issue.


Dec can provide a contactless sensor based on microwave technology which can measure instantly the weight and relative humidity percentages.

The sensor is directly installed at the outlet of the dosing device before the recipient to be filled.

The measurement is not intrusive and gives an instant response.  

Microdosing contactless measurement
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