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Controlled & aseptic environments

The preparation of media and dosing solutions upstream and buffer downstream of the cultivations are vital steps for reproducible and effective biopharmaceutical production. Media is predominantly made up of various components: carbohydrate (glucose), nitrogen (amino acids), fats (lipids) and trace amounts of salt as a nutrition for the production of the protein product.  Media components are most often in powder form, which need to be introduced to a high purity grade of water for injection (WFI).


Powder must be charged under clean room requirements in a closed and dust free manner into preparation tanks for media and buffers for the infeed of ultra-pure water. Solutions are filled into storage tanks and from there fed into the respective reactors or vessels, where they are used as culture medium, correction medium, fed-batch medium or buffer for downstream processing.


PTS Powder Transfer System®  is an optimal solution to charge powders into media vessels under controlled and aseptic conditions. The system can be sterilized together with the vessels.

PTS Powder Transfer System®

Dense phase conveying

Higher safety & enhanced efficiency


Clean and Sterile In-Place options

Continuous Liner System

Transferring - Sampling - Bulk Materials Handling- Dosing/Dispensing -  Containment Systems - Integrated Applications

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