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Orally Disintegrating Tablets Manufacturing

ODT is a fast growing market with increasing demands. The tablets should dissolve very rapidly (if possible in less than 10 seconds) to allow easy ingestion especially for young children or older people.


Existing technologies are showing limitations in terms of process time, drugload with limited API concentration or taste masking difficulties.


Dec collaborates with the Swiss company Rohrer in the development of the revolutionary Lyopan technology.

This technology allows to increase the drugload in tablets up to 750 mg compared to the usual maximum of 250 mg. The manufacturing time and cost is also largely reduced due to the fast drying time.


The concept consists of dosing into the blisters an accurate amount of API with the µPTS, adding a binder in liquid form and freeze drying the tablets.


Dec offers the complete solution for the powder processing line from the raw APIs handling to blister charging and, if required full isolation of the system when handling highly potent APIs.

A - Blister material input  B - Cavity forming  C/D - Powder/liquid filling  E - Wetting 

F/G - Freeze-drying, liquid sublimation  H - Sealing  J - Punching of blister  K - Filled blisters

Schema ODT.png

Filling Line


Isolator Technology

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