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DCS® Drum Containment System

High containment drum discharge

The patented DCS® Drum Containment System is a stainless steel cylindrical glove box with a glass cover and two glove ports. Highly economical in comparison with conventional isolation systems, DCS® ensures precise, contamination free emptying of drums providing high containment (< 1 µg/m3). 

Fully mobile, this space saving device offers high flexibility to work with different drum heights and diameters, under inert atmosphere, if required.


No drum lifting or tipping is required whilst having the possibility of partial drum emptying.


Accurate dosing can be achieved with load cells. The freely movable suction lance connected to the PTS Powder Transfer System® and excellent visibility into the drum enable residue free drum emptying.

With safety always a priority, DCS® guarantees both primary and secondary containment, with a glove box enabling the operator to connect the drum liners within a sealed environment.


The fully cleanable DCS® system features a Push-Push HEPA filter which is connected to an extraction system.

System available in various materials (SS, HC22, Halar coated, etc.) and on load cells. Inertization possible. Appropriate for use in ATEX zone 1/21.

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Cleaning drum - Dosing - Inerting - Combi-System - Liner vacuum system

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