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DCS® Drum Containment System

DCS® Inverter

DCS® Inverter is ideal for emptying lumpy and agglomerated products requiring a contained environment, elimitating the need for downflow booths. Working in combination with PTS Powder Transfer System® or PFL Powderflex for slow and accurate addition, the system enables operation under high containment (< 1μg/m3) conditions.  

Working with drums of various sizes,  DCS® Inverter ensures that above-mentioned products can be easily discharged by using a lump breaker which is integrated in a suction hopper.


With this application drum handling is simplified while improving safety and ergonomics.

The drum is positioned under the glove box, sealed and connected with the system and then inverted by motor.


Powder is extracted and introduced into the reactor or any other receiving system by means of the PTS, maintaining high levels of containment at all times. 

In order to guarantee a proper function of the system, it is primordial that the liner has an adequate length to ensure its proper connection. A special vacuum ring located in the liner docking system prevents the collapsing of the liner when the drum is inverted. 
With safety always a priority, DCS® guarantees both primary and secondary containment, with a glove box enabling the operator to connect the drum liners within a sealed environment. 

The fully cleanable DCS® system features a Push-Push HEPA filter which is connected to an extraction system. 
System available in various materials (SS, HC22, Halar coated, etc.) and on load cells. Inertisation possible. Appropriate for use in ATEX zone 1/21.





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