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Dosing powder in the mg range

The patented µPTS is based on the PTS technology and allows precise dosing of very small amounts (<1 mg) of powder in less than a second, with an accuracy reaching up to 2 % RSD. The product is filled in a calibrated chamber of adjustable volumes by the action of vacuum and emptied mechanically by a piston.

The revolutionary system does not include any filter and can therefore handle very fine and/or sticky materials.


A specially designed hopper allows to handle a large range of powders with difficult behaviours.


The volume can be changed automatically by using a linear motor which can be controlled in a closed loop linked to a weighing device.


The system is very compact and versatile and can be easily dismantled. Another main advantage is its easy integration into dosing stations with multiple filling systems or products.


• Dosing range : <1- 500 mg
• Speed: 1-4 s
• Accuracy: 2 % RSD
• Dose adjustment: Fact...


• Dosing range : <1- 500 mg
• Speed: 1-4 s
• Accuracy: 2 % RSD
• Dose adjustment: Factor up to 5, on a single dosing device unit
• No rotating or moving parts
• Very compact
• Dynamically adjustable volumes
• Hygienic design
• Fast, precise dosing process
• Volumetric and volumetric-gravimetric dosing
• Gravimetric or inline monitoring of each quantity of powder
• Simultaneous, multiple dosing
Metal parts: Stainless steel ISO 1.4435 or equivalent (AISI 316L), anodized aluminum
Polymer components: 2002/72/EC and/or FDA compliant

Product Sheet


µPTS - FlexPTS - sPTS

Filling Line

Automated filling of various packagings

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Continuous powder introduction into processes

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