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Filling Line for Solids and Liquids

Supplying liquid solutions in vials or pouches is still the most common way to deliver injectable drugs. When drugs cannot be stored in liquid form due to low stability and limited shelf life, they are usually stored in freeze dried form and must be liquefied prior to injection by using a diluent.

The risk of a possible contamination or mistake is a major concern of the health industry.  

In order to overcome these issues,  many pharmaceutical producers are looking for new drug delivery systems such as dual packaging where the powder and the diluent solution are stored in separate compartments. 

Dec has gained specific expertise in this area and can propose tailored solutions for automatic filling of various packagings such as vials, pouches, syringes and blisters.

The dosing system can be either a stand-alone unit or it can be incorporated in a process line.

Depending on process requirements and whether the powder is toxic and/or sterile, Dec can provide a fully contained solution considering both RABS and isolators.


• Dosing range: from mg to grams
• Accuracy:  < 2% RSD
• Throughput: > 60 units/min



• Dosing range: from mg to grams
• Accuracy:  < 2% RSD
• Throughput: > 60 units/min


• Interchangeable dosing heads to cover a large range of dosing quantities
• Volumetric and volumetric-gravimetric dosing
• Powder handling system including automatic refill system
• Liquid filling system for non-sterile and sterile applications
• Primary packaging and sealing devices handling system including robot, magnetic conveyor, etc.
• Full Integration in Isolators or RABS
• Decontamination system for sterile applications
• Automatic PLC control with full data acquisition




µPTS - FlexPTS - sPTS

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Continuous powder introduction into processes


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Aseptic/Contained Process - Semi-/ Fully Automated Lines - R&D - Lyophilization Loading Equipment


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