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Micro Dosing Devices

From mg to +100 g

Microdosing devices are based on the PTS technology and allow precise and rapid dosing of very small quantities (< 1 mg) of powder in less than a second. High accuracy, up to 1% RSD, is achieved even with variations in bulk density, as the powder in the chamber is be pre-compacted by the vacuum effect.


Compared to typical mechanical dosing devices such as the Auger system, the various dosing devices can achieve higher accuracy on a larger range of quantities starting from 1 mg to few grams as the system is less influenced  by powder property variations.

Depending on the quantities of powder to be dosed, Dec has developed different dosing systems to achieve the best performance in terms of accuracy, speed and investment.


Accurate dosing

1 - 500 mg

Powder inline sensor

Powder hopper - Powder inline sensor



Fast dosing

200 mg - 100 g


Larger doses

> 100 g


Microdosing - Filling Lines




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