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Filling Lines

Aseptic liquids and solids filling for various delivery systems

Dec offers a range of primary packaging solutions for aseptic filling of vials, syringes, bottles and cartridges as well as Dual Chamber Systems (DCS).


We design highly accurate, (semi-) automated filling methods for low or high production volumes.


Our solutions prevent costly overfilling or spilling your products and they are tailor-made to accommodate specific customer needs.

Dec further provides adequat equipment for sterile and highly contained operations.


Fill-Finish Operation

DecFill® modular filling line for dual-chamber syringes

Aseptic Conveying

PTS Powder Transfer System®

Blending / Homogenizing

PTS Batchmixer®

Spray Dryer Outlet

Aseptic-Contained filling.png

Aseptic and contained filling of various primary packaging


Pharmaceutical lyophilization loading equipment solutions


Filling Line

Semi-automatic to fully automated filling lines

Drug Testing

Modular filling lines for R & D and clinical trials



Product Sheet DecFill™ Aseptic Fill-Finish Solutions

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