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Packaging / Filling Lines

Ready-to-use drug delivery systems

Dec’s aseptic filling equipment is configured for a seamless integration into existing production lines and designed to accommodate various containers, including sterile RTU / RTF (ready to use or fill) bottles, vials, cartridges, pre-fillable syringes and Dual Chamber Systems (DCS).

Liquids being less stable than lyophilized powder,  DCS delivery systems are increasingly produced where the final mixing of the powder and the liquid is done by the end user prior to administration.




If you are looking to dispense your products into primary packaging, particularly of the DCS type for longer shelf life and more personalized compounding possibilities, Dec will be your  partner to fill your RTU packaging.


Powder - Liquids - Miscellaneous - Continuous Process

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Aseptic/Contained Process - Semi/ Fully Automatic Lines - R&D - Lyophilization Loading Equipment


Box Packing - Palletizing - Serialization


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