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 Filling Lines

Microdosing Devices

Dec covers the whole “liquid to solid” spectrum with innovate solutions. As gravimetric dosing systems tend to limitations when measuring smaller product amounts, Dec has developed accurate volumetric dosing systems. Any kind of powder can be accurately dispensed including crystalline, lyophilized, round and fluffy ones. 

Liquids are actively fed without the need for a scale, thus allowing operation in unstable environments and filling processes in parallel. 

RABS and isolators can provide the required level of containment under strictly controlled conditions.
All the systems can be delivered with dynamic, on the fly volume change options for flexibility and patient centric manufacturing.

2016 allerquest.JPG

µPTS - flexPTS - sPTS

Microdosing continuous dosing.jpg

Continuous powder introduction

into process


BOMA System.jpg

Boma System - Sterile Liquids

GEl Syringe.jpg

Gels - Pastes - Suspensions


Liquids and Solids.JPG

Innovative solutions for solids and liquids

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