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Filling Line

Filling Lines

From semi- to fully automated solutions

Dec offers a range of filling solutions for the pharmaceutical and other industries from semi-automatic to fully automated systems. 

Custom made to meet all particular needs for sterile primary packaging, our filling solutions are cGMP compliant and allow for accurate filling for both liquids and solids.


Dec's filling equipment can be integrated into your production lines and is designed to accommodate various containers, including bottles, vials, cartridges, syringes and DCSs. 


Case Example : Semi-Automated  Filling & Capping Equipment Solution

The equipment solution in the following video is designed for a Grade B production area to operate under Uni Directional Airflow (UDF) conditions.

For highly accurate and controlled filling and weighing the proven and reliable technology prevents costly overfilling. The easy to validate machines are compatible with all high tech production facility equipment, software and processes known in the pharmaceutical primary packaging industry.

 Automated Sterile Filling Line

Fully automated aseptic production unit for filling dual chamber syringes with powder and liquid. The active substance and the diluent are kept in two separate chambers and won't be mixed until shortly before administration. 

Filling line de nesting.png
FillingSystem PowderandLiquids.png
Aseptic-Contained filling.png

Aseptic and contained filling of various primary packaging

Drug Testing

Modular filling lines for R & D and clinical trials



Pharmaceutical lyophilization loading equipment solutions


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