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Suction Hoppers

Hopper types:

> Standard Suction Hopper

> LB Hopper

> Fluidization Hopper

Standad hopper

Standard Suction Hopper

The standard suction hopper is designed with a special discharge angle allowing full emptying of the equipment.


The size is adapted on one side to the equipment to be discharged and on the other side to the required PTS model.

The standard hopper is equipped with a fluidization filter allowing an optimal control of the powder flow.

Standard Hopper.jpg

LB Hopper

LB Hopper in combination with the PTS Powder Transfer System® is the ideal solution for evacuating lumpy or compacted powder without changing its characteristics.

It is equipped with a tool which breaks bridges and lumps to provide a constant powder flow. The system with its limited height is easily installed directly at the outlet of existing equipment such as dryers etc. with limited head space.

LB Hopper.jpg

Fluidization Hopper


The Fluidization Hopper is equipped with a fluidization cone constructed of a special porous material.


The product flow of sticky or non free-flowing powder is optimized by compressed gas which flows through the pores of the cone.


Inert gas can be used when handling flammable products.

Fluidization Hopper.jpg

LB Fluidization Hopper


When handling very lumpy and bridging products, Dec supplies the fluidization hopper that includes a lump breaking tool.


With this combination, nearly any product can be handled efficiently.

LB Fluidization Hopper.jpg
LB Hopper
Fluidization Hopper
LB Fluidization

Product Sheet

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