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Sack Tip Cabinet

Simple design - easy cleaning

The Sack Tip Cabinet is ideal for the manual emptying of bags.


The operator opens the bags and pours the powder inside the chamber from where the product falls through a grid into a receiving container.

These stations can be equipped with an integrated delumper, waste port for empty bag removal, liner compactors or with a weighing system for accurate dosing. 

The system can be supplied with various options:

  • Integrated filter cartridge with or without back-flushing

  • Ventilator

  • Side discharge waste bag

  • Load cells

  • Bag compactor

  • Various suction hoppers (delumper, fluidization cone, etc.)

  • Integrated sieve

  • Metal separator

  • Vibrator

  • CIP

  • Suitable for ATEX zone 1/21





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