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Efficient conveying of granules, flakes and large size particles

The patented Transbatch system relies on modern technology to safely convey and dose granules and other solids under critical installation conditions in terms of both transfer length and height.


Its tubular membrane offers an important filtration surface allowing the transfer of difficult products and compounds, in particular large particle size products such as flakes, chips, etc.


Products such as fine and dusty titanium dioxide, hygroscopic potassium hydroxide flakes (KOH), tungsten trioxide (WO3), waxes or heavy metallic powders can be efficiently transferred with this conveying system.


Transbatch technology has been implemented in various areas such as the paint industry, glue manufacturing or in the API production. The system achieves high transfer capacities over significant transfer distances and allows to charge pressurized equipment by preventing oxygen introduction into the process. 


Transbatch is available in various sizes and materials including the CIP version.

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