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CLS Continuous Liner System

Docking Station

The CLS Docking system is adapted to the liner length and diameter.

It consists of a support tube in stainless steel or hastelloy with a sealing gasket or an inflatable seal on the lower side to guarantee the tightness of the liner to the tube. 


The pre-folded liner which is supplied in a sealed PE-Bag can be installed on a plastic cartridge holder which simply needs to be mounted and clipped onto the main support.


There is no containment breach during the installation of a new liner cartridge.

The system can be cleaned with a special cleaning hood which can be installed in a contained manner.

The CLS support head can be directly connected by a flange to the outlet of the equipment to be discharged (e.g. dryer, centrifuge, etc.) or be installed on a separate support connected to the equipment with bellows for weighing purposes.


​Features and options

  • Suitable for CLS 400 to 970 and cartridge heights from 200 to 400 mm

  • Load cells for weighing including weighing device

  • Frame with rollers or plate

  • Side roller track conveyor

  • Venting system with inflate/deflate function for inerting

  • CIP hood

  • Combination with mill or sieve

  • Integration of a welding machine

  • Combined system for drum and big bag filling

  • ATEX zone 1/21

  • Various materials (SS, Hastelloy, coated, etc.)

High containment pack-off
High Containment Pack-Off

Drum/Liner filling for OEB 5 containment requirements

CLS Accessories

Liner specifications - Clips system and tools

Product Sheet

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