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Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Handling


IBC handling accessories include:

> Lifting Column

> Docking Frame

> Vent Filter

Lifting Column


Dec provides a range of GMP conform lifting columns either manually or automatically (pneumatically or electrically) driven, depending on the requirements.


The lifting column can be designed with rotation and the lifting arm can be adapted to specific needs.  


The lifting column has its own local control panel interlocked with the IBC docking system. The system can be designed for ATEX zone 1/21.  


Docking Frame


Dec provides different types of docking frame for IBC discharge including a number of options depending on the type of container, product characteristics and the level of containment to be achieved.


The following options are available:


  • Load cells for weight control

  • Vibration frame

  • IBC docking with spring system and sealing gasket

  • Split valve system for contained discharge

  • Various hoppers including fluidization cone and delumper

  • CIP System

  • Various materials (SS, HC 22, Coating, etc.)

  • ATEX  zone 1/21 

IBC Docking frame.jpg

Vent Filter

When powder is charged into a closed process or packaging, like a reactor, a flexible or rigid container (bag, big bag, IBC), the system must be able to breathe and evacuate the gas brought in in order to prevent a pressure increase in the system.


When handling toxic, irritant or dust explosive powders, it is imperative to avoid dust propagation into the extraction lines which could lead to cleaning issues, operator exposure risks or even possible blockages due to powder accumulation in downstream equipment.


The highly efficient vent filter based on PTS filtration technology and installed directly on the container to be charged (reactor, IBC, FIBC or bag) or below the PTS itself overcomes these issues. 

The vent filter can be supplied in various sizes and materials to suit to specific requirements.

Vent Filter
IBC Lifting Column
IBC Docking Fame
IBC Vent Filter

IBC Handling

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