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PFL Powderflex

Continuous conveying and dosing of small to medium powder quantities


PFL accessories include:

> PFL Mobile

> PFL Cyclone


PFL Mobile


PFL Powderflex can be delivered as a portable unit ideal for operation at multiple locations.


Both control panel and PFL are installed on a trolley and the flexible powder hose is directly connected to the equipment to be charged.


In order to operate the system, the trolley needs to be connected to a vacuum and a compressed air source as well as nitrogen in case the transfer requires a safe atmosphere.

PFL Mobile 200.png

PFL Dosing - Adjustable Chamber


The transfer rate can be easily adapted by changing the frequency of the PFL operation. The PFL system can either operate as a loss-in-weight feeder when the storage hopper is installed on a scale or operate on a gravimetric base when the receiver is weighted.


Accuracy can be easily achieved with weigh filling as it is possible to slowly add calibrated single doses towards the end of the dosing  process when approaching the target weight.


For more accurate constant dosing, the volume can be automatically modified by an integrated servomotor.

PFL Dosing.jpg



Cleaning of the PFL system is very simple. It can be flushed inline when connecting a pressurizd CIP supply to the inlet.


The system will cycle during cleaning however both vacuum and pressure sources are closed.


Alternatively, the CIP supply can be connected to the vacuum/pressure manifold and the system is cleaned by backflushing through the PFL membrane.


PFL Cyclone


When charging a non pressurized or non vented equipment like an IBC or a bag, the PFL cyclone will separate the powder from the conveying gas and charge the equipment with the minimum dust and gas introduction.


The cyclone includes an isolation valve on its lower part which is sequenced with the PFL operation.

PFL Cyclone

PFL Diverter


The innovative PFL Diverter allows the charging of multiple receivers with a single PFL.


It comprises a single inlet and up to six outlets which can be selected automatically with a servomotor.


The system guarantees dust free selections and full bore passage preventing product retention or blockages. 

PFL Diverter
PFL Mobile
PFL Dosng

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PFL Powderflex

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